Thursday, 28 June 2007

God save Kenya

I came across these pics.
I gotta say, just looking at them gave me a kawaru in my throat and my eyes watered. I put myself in their place, n now I'm thanking God for all the blessings that he has tossed my way....that for much of the time, i take for granted, as to many of us.
I'm also thinking, fcuk you God for allowing such sh*t to happen to so many undeserving people.
This country is going to the dogs.

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Last night

These are the two pics i took last night of the moon and star phenomenon. Apparently, i couldn't attach the photos to yesterday's post because i was sending the post from my phone and blogger only allows for text (unless you live with serial killers in the americas and other like places).

They aren't very clear though.....using my nokia N70 camera......isn't very good at long distance photos at all. But i do love my phone. Shall blog about it sometime.

The pic on the left is me before had a drag on a fag (shall blog about my nicotine addiction sometime as well....and why i'm not about to quit....and why i dislike Nakuru so much).

Enough with the amateur photography. Time now to get back to work.

Monday, 18 June 2007

weird nite

Anyone in nairobi (east africa) who can shud step outside right now n check out the crescent moon.
There's a star (satellite, or watever) next to it.
Anyone thinking End of Days?Coz this shit is weird.

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

My job.

Today, i got to work at 8am, left at 11am, n now I'm back for the nite....5pm to 8am. How sweet is that?? A total of 18hrs shall be spent here and the truly sad thing is that, i usually have the time of my life working at nite. No phones ringing, no bosses screaming down at me, no irritating customers to be served coz they think that i'm not doing shit n should drop down at their knees n beg n plead them to buy!!

Oh, n i don't do desk work.A nite shift is spent outside with the elements (which is why the freaking clouds are putting a damper on my day). Never been good at desk work. They say that that is where the money is, and where growth is, but if growth means shifting my bum from one chair to another on a higher floor, then i'd rather not. Did the accounts and programming fields (programming is very cool as a pass time exercise), but the engineering field...damn!!That's where the action is at. The day i put my name on my first patent (even if i'm broke as hell), that shall be it for me.....self actualisation. Then after that, i can probably retire to perching my cute tushy at a desk job, where the most exciting thing will be my first papercut (i hear those are nasty...but until u get abit of acid dripping on you on a regular basis, then it's probably just child's play).

The night is quiet, n peaceful. The additional 7hrs of work means that i can be more thorough with my work, which i thoroughly enjoy. The silence and sterility of the lab contrasting with the screeching, grease and exhaust fumes of 3 tonne motors is magical.

Time to get grease all over me!!

Thursday, 7 June 2007


That was totally cool.
Serious blogging from here on.

ALL HAIL Google!!

just testing.

Tday is the first time since May that i'v had access to a computer.
Trying out this mobile blog thing to see if i can post while i'm on the move (using the phone).
Hope it works!