Tuesday, 14 August 2007


So it is kind of a bitch getting shit on this blog through my mac at work, whether it is because its a mac or because the network here is fcukd i dont know. But like you can see i do upload when i can. This morning is one such time. I am actually supposed to be reading up and prepairing for a workshop with my authors for a book, but I felt i have to do this so screw the preparations, i will get by.

A couple of days ago Daddy Diablo sent me a link to a very interesting blog. As I read the blog it sparked some deep thoughts in me. Most of us spend the larger part of our days at our work places. But how many of us actually enjoy our jobs?How many of us are doing what we always wanted to do?How many of us wake up early all excited about their day at work and actually feel sad when they leave their work places. And am not talking about those twisted guys who are happy coz they will be distracted at the work place and sad coz now they are going to be left to their thoughts without any distractions!!!

I partially fall into the latter category (I guess it kinda gives credo to my blog alias-disturbed). But anyway this is how i see life
-you wake up early to go to a job that you probably hate
-at some stage you marry or get married. The man goes shagging out there because he finds more comfort away from his wife. He buys big expensive cars and makes loads of money just to prove his selfworth even though the hustle is killing him. The wife also goes getting shagged out there coz theres more comfort away from her aloof or sexless husband or she devotes her life to her kids and her job and jewellery and such other trivialties as an escape.
-the kids grow up, some turn out ok others either become thugs, gay, transexual and god knows what else.
-you are left alone witha spouse you despise
-you die.
Someone please tell me what this life is for!!!!
I gotta get back to my work now, work that i dont believe in at all, yes, am sort of an atheist but i have to prepare work that will be used to teach kids about how good God is and how they should all hanker after his whimsical demands. Later.

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

She's Gone!

It's been close to one month since i last posted.......a result of laziness, disease, confusion and the thought of impending loneliness. Which is why, i played God and invited Disturbed to join me in this "unveiling of hearts" on a public forum that is blogging.........nay, i am God!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Before i proceed, may i say:

My woman is gone (woman is gone), my woman is gone (woman is gone).

She had left me a note hanging on my door:
She say she couldn't take it, she couldn't take any more.
The pressure around me - just couldn't see;
She felt like a prisoner who needs to be free.
Fools have tried, yeah - wisemen have failed:
Oh, listen to me, honey: life could never be another jail.
Still we know now: we'll never see smoke without fire
And everyone you see has a heart desire.

She's gone (she's gone), she's gone (she's gone),
she's gone (she's gone), she's gone, ye-ah!
Oh, mocking bird, have you ever heard,
Words that I never heard?
Oh, mocking bird, have you ever heard,
Words that I never heard?

She made it through the exit (she just couldn't take it);
She made it through the exit (she just couldn't make it).
And, oh, my children, if you see me cryin':
My woman is gone.
If you see me - if you see me - if you see me -
if you see me cryin' -
If you see me - if you see me - if you see me -
if you see me cryin':

She's gone (she's gone), she's gone (she's gone), she's gone, ye-ah!
Oh, mocking bird, have you ever heard,
Words that I never heard?
Oh, mocking bird, have you ever heard,
Words that I never heard?
She's gone (she's gone), she's gone (she's gone), she's gone
(she's gone)

(Bob Marley)

She left as of 0745hrs 05/08/'07, to go pursue her studies. After years of bitching and fighting each other, she's left, and now i want her back. How pathetic is that?? Of course her departure was heralded by song and dance from "Miss 21" and the "Case of the X" (sorry for not having shared that before Disturbed), but i somehow don't want the side distractions (secondary head has a Ksh 1000 wager with my primary head that this state of affairs won't last a month).

I'm a little whipped punk with no direction without her........i'm tempted to post more Bob lyrics , but i'll refrain n do it some other time in the week!!

For now, i shall exercise my right hand, sending her text messages (get your minds out the gutter) of love and all affiliated emotions as i plot my next move.

the race

Everyone is currently writing or reading something to do with avoiding getting into the rat race or how to get yourself out of it.Basically am talking about anyone who is reading or writting or has written a self-help or self-motivation book. Trust me it is all BS!There is no avoiding the rat race ever! You actually get into it even without knowing it. Even that guy who is writing to tell you how to avoid the rat race is within the rat race: he is writing so that he can sell the books so that he can pay his bills, buy that SUV he has always wanted (or recently started wanting coz he had discovered a new way to make money out of fools) and to keep his concubines happy! Why am i saying this, because for close to ten years, i thought i was avoiding the rat race but when i recently thought more closely about it, i found that i had been in it ever since i was born. I always wanted a better bag, better grades, more money to buy whatever i want and so on. The rat race is LIFE. So next time you are in a bookshop and you are about to buy a self-help/motivation book, think again. It is all a load of BULLSHIT!!!
Bringing to my next rant. Whats with preachers selling videos and books and making mega money out of the word of God?Isnt preaching, wisdom, healing and working miracles some of the gifts of the holy spirit which are given freely to the service of mankind?Since when did it become acceptable for people to make mega bucks out of the gifts of the holy spirit? And dont tell me they sell for sustenance because the materials are sold at profit not at cost. So yes here again i offer my insightful advice, when you buy that book from Joyce Myers, TD Jakes, Margaret Wanjiru and their ilk, you are basically shoving a pole up your behind. They are thieving from you. Open your eyes!For heavens sake read the Bible!!