Thursday, 13 September 2007

Mid Rebuttal

Glad I can finally give a sort of rebuttal on D.D's embelishment of truths. But... ah what the heck, let him have his literary license. It is quite entertaining to read about something u did! Perhaps I will say something after he is through with the complete story.

Of late, I have been thinking that perhaps Simund Freud wasn't so wrong:sexual energy is a force to reckon with. This is much so for men, somehow they are not as perfect as women are in supressing sexual desires! A man may love a woman to no end but as long as he is not getting enough sex, maybe due to distance, he will most definitely stray. Stray here doesn't necessarily mean that he goes after whores and other women, nope. He may stray by drowning his overbearing sexual urges in alcohol (this is not an attack at u D.D) or God or something else. The basic is idea is that much of what the man does will be as a way of having himself some or blocking the idea of having some.

Perhaps that is why we work. We all know that the jobless have sex so much and that is why they tend to have more kids than those who are working. But hey, these are just my thoughts.

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Recovered....Part 1!

50hr's later, n I'm well enough to finally tell this tale of NewElijah's idiocy last friday. N i should stop trying to gamble and getting into every bet on earth.

It all started last furahi day when my boss took me for pints (I'm falling in love with him.....actually got to 3.30pm, busy as hell, n he sez the magic word...."Twende!!!"). Leave work and go to his locals which is rather dingy, but who gives a damn!!

The evening wears on, i'm starving, n i take my leave. Meet up with my buddy (let's call him G. who was very horny n had been promised a nite of wild passion by some lale he met last week). Grab more pints as we wait for nyama to iva n shit. He's running around all over the place looking for his lale (...she needs a name.....shall come up with one eventually as i narrate events), as i sit and watch this suspiciously lesbian couple in the corner doing their thing (grinding and stuff on the dance floor is acceptable....chatting and carressing each other's thighs while sitted is kinda iffy). It's bout this time that NewElijah calls me up, n begs me to save his sorry arse from C.Soundd.....found out what i was saving him from later (coming up in this story. stay tuned).
G. get's his lale and brings her back to the table....she quickly orders a guiness (on my tab without asking......that black fluid must be the reason lales are able to go at it all nite. I'd ask a chick, but they don't drink the stuff). Anyway, i announce my intended departure and G. pleads to let him finish his beer.....was wondering where he got beer from when he confesses that it's all stolen from other tables (really need to stop hanging out with this guy. Could get myself in alot of trouble).
1.5hrs and 6th beer theft later, we finally hit the road....lale in tow. B*tch doing like 10 fags every 45min. But is all good. Im heavy on the cancer sticks as well. Problem was that these were my cancer sticks.

C.Soundd. Don't really like this joint. Too loud. Doors locked. Call from NewElijah. He's coming out. Wait. Out he comes, together with "sms-L" (short man syndrome's a strain of the Ebola virus. Some nasty shit right there!!...look it up if u don't believe me), "Big W", "Lil' J" (don't hate on the names....fits them to a T) and "Christ". Now Christ is some chick i thankfully haven't seen in ages and from how it looked, the reason i was to be NewElijah's messiah. I aptly name her Christ coz one look at her and you'll go "Christ, didn't you get hit by the ugly train!!". NewElijah was all over that shit...(literary licence disclaimer. This story has been edited to fit my own ends, coz it cud have been Lil J all over her, but who really cares).
N.E: Plans?
D.D: Whatever...not home.
G. :Twende Feelers!!
General: Noooo!!!
Christ: Where's Feelers?
D.D: (whisper) "Don't worry, you'll be right at home the way you look"
G. :It's the only place that's open.

Good point. It was 4.40am.
To Be Continued!!!

Monday, 3 September 2007

Still Strong & a rant

It's been a month now, n i'm still celibate.........might just pull it off (highly doubt it tho).

Anywhoo, idleness plus a story of an old acquaintance who wanted to end his life coz of a little slip caused me to remember the following rant that once floated in my head bout 4yrs ago before i even came across blogging:

Should i have told?!

t'was my first time
her touch, her scent, her eyes
a seemed like a dream
i wish it were
t'was my last time.

I'm surrounded; trapped
by their jeers, their jest, their taunts,
i'm weary, beaten and shunned;
i turn away,
i no longer belong
should i have told?

the 'chosen' welcome me
but it's the same
their smiles, their prayers, their sympathy,
their hearts betrayed as they writhe
at my touch, my sight, my very breath
i'm alone
i do no belong
should i have told?

the cool steel shaft comforts me
no longer desiring what i once possed
a bright flash before the all consuming darkness
i'm swimming, spinning, rising
higher and higher
further and further
from the world i no longer belonged
where i shouldn't have told

great gates begin to close at my approach
i rush forth but it's too late
i fall to the ground
crying, cursing, damning
all that i once called true
i turn away
as the rustle of trees remind me
that i'm not welcome
i do not belong

the disease, the sweltering heat, the nauseating stench
surrounded by gloom
my heart welcoming every sickening moment
my torment not beginning
merely continuing
i'm at peace
i finally have a place i belong
i settle down, content
in my suffering, my hate, my little piece of 'heaven'
and wait
for those i told.

Lets get rid of the stigma that surrounds AIDS.