Thursday, 15 May 2008

Screeching Symphony

The sirens' song holds me in its grip; drawing me ever closer and closer to my demise upon the rocks of insignificant living. How i let my ship get here i don't know... i lie... i do know... denial... forever telling myself that i have lots of time to set shit correct and that for now i can playfully wallow in all vices that God sent Diablo to lay before us... like a banquet of all things we all love, but should never touch coz to do so is sinful.... shit... bugger up there should elaborate what sinful is coz the only sinful i have been able to identify is that which has now lead me to face the rocks....and now the currents of life threaten, nay; promise to smash me against them... human to blame God for our own fuck-ups... so i scratch that last sentence (but then again, i'm human, so i don't scratch that last sentence).

That music. So sweet. Bathing my body in pleasures had and promised. It makes my eyes blurry. I can hardly see the rocks any more but i know they're there. I know they've been waiting for me for a long time now. Surprised it's taken me this long to encounter them....must be my sloth - kept me from succeeding, and in the same breath, kept me from failing.

Until now.

It's only a matter of time. Like the Merovingian would say - Causality!

What the hell happened to faith.

A different tune does play. I hear it. I feel it. I want it. I love it. I wish it weren't so faint. I know it's her's ...but do i really know her to turn away from the siren's call?
Do i really know the sirens?
Do i know myself?

Fuck it!!
Clear Eyes; Full Hearts; Can't Lose

I will turn my ship around and go to her, failing which i will put air in my sails and navigate through the rocks n kill those fucking birds!! Either way,
I will Touch God!!

p.s: I wish i truly knew what the hell it was i was writing about above.

p.p.s: I have been away too long....n i honestly have no reason for why that is....okay, part of the reason is what's written above if you can decipher any of it. If not, don't one really cares.

p.p.p.s: I raise my middle finger at you!!

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Anonymous said...

DD was truly ranting when he wrote this post. He had a very simple thing to say, but he couldn't say it in a simple way because he didn't want to sound weak. So I will let you all in on the truth ... he decided to give his whole in his relationship with the girl. Much as he ranted and raved about females (see the 'Furahi day ' post) he is all fallen for this chic.
Good for you DD, but next time,just say it plainly!hehehehe