Friday, 29 February 2008


I just loaded a bamba 50 on my very expensive phone that is used to the likes of 250 to 800 Ksh top ups. I swear it almost laughed at me. Actually took 4 tries before it loaded. I'm guessing it's totally offended. Brokeness i tell u. Lakini furahi day lazima ibambe, au sio!!

Moving on swiftly, i had absolutely nothing to say today, and as is evidenced, i haven't said anything all week. Not from the fact that nothing has been going on, just that i don't know how to say it. Basically revolves what weakens all men... a girl!! Tell u, these creatures shall be the end of all mankind. Really weird considering my age. Dare i say it, i may have met my soul mate (the back ground noise u be hearing right about now is just New Elijah laughing. Ignore it).

Jana was a cool nite (not as cool as wednesday which was spent in her arms mainly). Went drinking (politely. no binge) n shooting pool. Intention was to be home by 9pm. that turned into 10..11..12..01..02..03..04am. Crap. Running on 2.5hrs rest. Hangover was a bitch. Somehow no one at work has noticed that i'm not all there. But then again, we haven't had a single sale all day. That 8% that Kimunya is promising, i await to see.

feeling very disillusioned bout my life right now. Only bright thing going on is being around her. I'm sooo smitten it's disgusting.

But the day isn't a total loss. I came across this really cool blog. Totally jazzed me. Thank God (this phrase is so overused, i doubt it's a sin any more, coz if i was God, yenyewe i'd have gotten tired of reminding people not to use my name in vain a long time ago) i don't have a housemate like that (or do i?? mayhap New Elijah can shed some light on that). This essay is also really cool (read it at your own peril. not very christian friendly) n this chick does some of the longest posts i have ever read.....n they ain't boring. Mad props to her.

Let me be outta here before the screen hurts my bloodshot eyes any longer.

Happy new March everyone.

p.s. : I shall finish "a series of unfortunate drunken events" eventually.

p.p.s. : To all whom i may have blessed, it was a pleasure. To all whom i may have offended, i beg pardon. To all arseholes i may have met, may you rot. Needed to say this should my life be snuffed out unexpectedly by Him.....or should i snuff it out myself (i'd still blame Him somehow for that, coz i'm almost certain that He'd be the root cause).

p.p.p.s. : I'm not suicidal..........yet.

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