Friday, 11 July 2008

Alcohol, my one true love

I love alcohol. I really do. I have given up a lot of things just so I could peacefully enjoy my tipple. In fact my friends say I am effed up coz I have on several occasions turned down 'Meaoow' so I could continue drinking. Is that wrong? Really, Is it wrong for me to love alcohol that much? Other people love football, others love cars and so on ad infinitum, me its alcohol. There was a time when I was ashamed about it, but not anymore. I am proud of my love for alcohol. My best times have been when I have had intercourse with my alcohol (yes, I said intercourse, WTF?)

p.s: D.D is laughing coz I said I was in love. Can't begrudge him that. It is funny. Truth be told, I am not. Its just one of those things I am liable to saying after I have had my above-mentioned intercourse. Apart from that, I have been receiving a lot of pressure from D.D about the woman in question. He's been telling me I am cruel to her, blah blah blah, ad nauseum! So partly, I said that coz I wanted to get the bugger off my case! Apparently it didnt work! Damn!

Anywho, here is the thing, I decided this, I will never make a conscious effort to love a woman, or anything else for that matter. I will let instict be my guide, anyone who has a problem with that can go sing to the pigs.
Another thing, I will not act the same as other people, trying to prove my undying devotion. Fuck it! Life is too important to live it imitating other people!

Its furahi day baby! Bring on the alcohol!!!

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