Friday, 11 July 2008

Ramble Ramble

I was strolling along the internet highway and landed here....must say, that this is a really cool place...I read many other peoples blogs, but somehow, all these guys are always clean in their prose. Seriously, how does someone live their life without thinking the word "shit", "crap", damn....even "doo doo" will do. I find real (ish) blogs, but there's always something missing. A dude can't say "my chick left me for another man" (okay, yes he can....when talking to his mother or something, but this is his own space....let it out) "fuckin biatch left my broke arse for the rich dude down the road" or something. But then, maybe i'm dysfunctional or something, n can't understand how someone expresses regretor anger with a straight face.

Anyway, to all the great bloggers out there who be real...keep real. Bugger is, most stopped blogging. A really irritating thing is to come across a really hot blog, only to find that it hasn't been updated in like 6 months or so....i was one of them (so maybe there's someone out there who stumbled across my crap and went @#$@%@#!!).

Based on the above, i wanna form a new hobby....finding dead blogs, and adding them to my blog roll n hope that one day they shall resurrect.

In other news, NewElijah said that he's in love. That still cracks me up. Alcohol is a helluva drug. Pinted mpaka like 1am before going for a hoe-run last night...only two hoes spotted in Westlands. K-street was totally clear. this Nairobi is turning into a police smoking, no hoes, no nuthing...n i hear there's some screwed MP playing around with alcohol laws. What the hell do this old geezers want us to do?? Sit around at home and make babies?? planning being shoved down our throats as well. I love my country, but never again shall any president have me swear my allegience to them...pack of swine!

Let me jet before i punch my comp!

p.s: Stupid female arguments: "African men can't handle a 'strong', 'educated' african woman...which is why we prefer white men".......while some truth is to be found in the 'can't handle bit', it's more that the woman has picked up so much white trash mentality that we don't want u no more....get yourself some white are fortunately hardly ever missed by the timid african men.

p.p.s: Still laughing but NewElijah being in love.

p.p.p.s: Blog 1 that should be resurrected is "Ruminations of Angie". Sexy blogger with a very real blog. Died in infancy though. Again, please pick up the keyboard and gimme more.

Furahi Day Baby!!!

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